So Cosmo!

When fashion journalism meets reality TV, aka a dream come true!! 

A few months ago, E! premiered a new 8 episode season of So Cosmo! The worst parts about the show is that it only lasted 8 episodes AND I had to wait an entire week to see the next episode. Otherwise this show, which revolves around the head editors at Cosmopolitan Magazine, is fierce, fun and fabulous.

We get an inside look into the lives of editors and what it takes to create a magazine as well as their lives outside of their job. We learn about how the ambiance in a magazine changes after Joana Coles left Cosmopolitan for a larger role at Hearst.

I don’t know where you can watch this show, because I watched it on cable television when it came out, but I highly recommend it if you love drama and reality TV. I found it funny and exciting to know what would happen next. I love reading magazine so to understand what happens behind the scenes gave me a new perspective. Now when I see certain photographs, stories or Instagrams, I can understand more of the backstory.



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