Primates of Park Avenue

A book full of class, drama, and stress. Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin describes the life of being an Upper East Side (UES) mother: what to wear, how to act, who to befriend…

This memoir is very entertaining if you love fashion, if you live in Manhattan, or if you are a mom.

Martin describes the turmoils of dealing with rude mothers and trying to fit in. She needs to buy particular clothes and specific purses (of course, the famous Hermes Birkin). She studies the roles women have compared to men in the same enclave of the Upper East Side. Using he background in anthropology, Martin compares UES attitudes to those of monkeys or other animals studied by famous scientists like Jane Goodall. It is fascinating to see the distinct differences and similarities by these two groups. But Martin also writes about the ways certain tribes in Africa or South America acted and how UES people could benefit from those ways of life.

The healthy mix between science and class creates a new outlook compared to traditional memoirs. I found this book very interesting; although not my favorite, I definitely enjoyed reading it.


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