Summer of Love

I recently visited the De Young museum in San Francisco to see its new exhibit in honor of the 50th anniversary for the Summer of Love.

According to, the Summer of Love was  “a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967 where mostly young people sporting hippie fashions of dress and behavior, converged in San Francisco’s neighborhood Haight-Ashbury.”

Although I didn’t know too much about this until I heard about the exhibit, I always new that SF was eclectic, funky and hip. One of my favorite things about this city is the diversity and the optimism. Even 50 years later, SF hasn’t lost its past, pride and excitement. Every time I go to Haight-Ashbury, I stop by thrift stores and gaze at the incredible, albeit untraditional, unembarrassed style of the passersby.

The De Young did a fantastic job recreating and showcasing that same summer. They had lots of art and painting. My favorite part were the fabulous outfits that I could only wish to pull off today. They had an entire room dedicated to funky lights that gave the illusion that you were hallucinating or on drugs, which was/is very common in the Haight Ashbury. The colors and ambiance while walking through the exhibit made you feel like you were still in 1967.

It is worth while for people of any age: I saw people who were older and reminisced about the summer of love from when they were young, and I know of friends my age who also loved it. But those who love colors and funky/crazy vibes will enjoy seeing this. 



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