As summer begins, so does swimsuit season. Swimsuits are a summer staple: worn to the beach, worn under clothes, worn as a bikini, as a one piece… Baywatch created an iconic red one piece high cut swimsuit that was famous in the 90s and has made its comeback — both the swimsuit and the show as a movie.

Baywatch came out a few weeks ago starring The Rock, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra and more. The movie encompasses perfectly an action packed dramatic comedic love story. I watched it on the edge of my seat with my eyes popping out of my head starring at Zac Efron’s abs. The plot is very fun and entertaining.

The producers did a great job, especially giving a cameo to some of the actors from the series (I won’t give any spoilers).

The best part is the swimsuit of course. Certain characters poke fun at the fact that they all having matching suits. The producers give subtle characterization because of the swimsuits they wear and how they wear it.

And of course the iconic slow motion running scene at the end ties everything together.

baywatccast  Baywatch_poster



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