Hello Dolly!

In the spirit of developing my blog and adding more lifestyle categories, I am writing about theater. I have loved acting and watching plays since I was really little. I travel to New York a lot to visit family and I always enjoy watching a Broadway play or musical. I had a great opportunity to see the revival of Hello Dolly! starring the one and only Bette Midler.

The plot is simple yet complicated: Dolly plays the matchmaker in Yonkers set in the 19th century. She has been a widow for many years but loves her late husband very much, yet she still decides to get remarried for money. She sets out to marry Horace Vandergelder. His niece wants to marry Ambrose Kemper but Horace strongly opposes the arrangement so Dolly decides to help the young couple. Barnaby and Cornelius, clerks at Horace’s store, want a night off in New York City. After lots of meddling, they all end up in New York City attempting not to run into each other. Many funny confusions later, they all end up in the same restaurant with Dolly and an incredible song and dance number. (sorry for the spoiler:) Everyone ends up happy and in love at the end!

The show is fun, extravagant and quite entertaining! The crowd went wild. As a theater lover, I admired the singing, acting and choreography. But of course, as a fashion lover, I fell head over heels for the costumes. All the outfits must be vintage and resemble the 19th century; and the costume director nailed it. My favorite was Dolly’s jaw-dropping ensemble during her big number at the restaurant.

The musical has been nominated for multiple Tony Awards this year so tune in on June 11 to see if they win.

Internet Broadway Database

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