Hello and welcome to Hot Cocoa with Hannah!

Some of you may know me as Heels, Handbags and Hannah but I am transforming my blog to include a little bit of everything I am passionate about. I started writing in September 2015 about fashion, beauty, and trends. I love writing about fashion but I really wanted to branch out.

I decided to include all sorts of entertainment I love: TV, movies, plays and also museums. But it will still tie into my passion for fashion either based on characters outfits or shows based on fashion, etc.

I also love to travel so it would be great to display photos I have taken and also fashion trends from the cities I visit.

I want to write more about topics that are still quiet in the fashion industry like feminism (i.e. only showcasing skinny models) and my greatest passion: fashion and technology.

My new blog title is Hot Cocoa with Hannah because, as you know, I love alliteration. I also really like hot chocolate but I am not a fan of coffee. It used to be very common to drink your cup of coffee while reading the newspaper in the morning. But instead, how about we drink some hot cocoa while reading a fashion & lifestyle blog!


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