Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala a.k.a. the Super Bowl of Fashion.

Any fashionista dreams of attending this events with the most glamorous celebrities from all around the world.

Every year, Vogue hosts a dinner-celebration on the first Monday in May to showcase the opening on this year’s new exhibit at Anna Winter’s Costume Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Past themes have been Alexander McQueen, China, Machines… This year, the collection will display work by Rei Kawakubo, founder of fashion label Comme des Garçons. The exhibit opens to the public a few days later (this year, on May 4).

Planning for the exhibit and the event begins months in advance, headed by curator Andrew Bolton with comments from Anna Winter, editor-in-chief of Vogue US. There is a lot of attention to detail when planning the event: who sits with who? where does that table go? who will perform? what flowers do we order?…

A red carpet is set up in from of the entrance to the Met where celebrities showcase their outfits and answer questions from interviewers. Certain celebrities are invited by designers because they are close friends with the Creative Director or they are Brand Ambassadors and thus they must wear their clothing and sit at their table. For example: Miley Cyrus wearing Moschino and sitting with Jeremy Scott or Selena Gomez wearing Louis Vuitton and sitting with Nicholas Ghesquiere. Guests have time to discover the exhibits and then enjoy a meal and show where different artists may perform (i.e. one year Rihanna sang).

The goal of the event is to encourage these celebrities to donate large sums of money to the Costume Institute so that they can put on such extravagant shows and events each year.

Tomorrow tune in to all different fashion websites and social media to follow what all of your favorite celebrities are wearing!


4 thoughts on “Met Gala 2017

  1. The Met Gala never ceases to impress me. Especially with the tech theme that many of the celebs went for last year. Can’t wait to see what everyone will wear this year…just wondering whether Beyonce will be in attendance.

    – Avalon from


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