5 Jacket Staples

There are certain things that everyone needs in their closets. They’re investments or simple things you repurchase, but either way, they will always be in your closet at any age — 22 or 62.
1. Leather Jacket6178d567aa2c119d4159199e5bf67faa

Buying a real leather jacket can be pricy but knowing you will have it for more than a decade makes it a good investment. Anyone can pull off this jacket, you don’t need to be a bad girl or ride a motorcycle, just pair it with a tshirt and some jeans and you have the perfect outfit!





2. Trench coat


Most can’t afford Burburry’s iconic tan trench coat but so many more affordable brands have nearly identical coats which are perfect to layer on top of all your warm sweaters.




3. Parka

A trench coat won’t keep you warm when it’s freezing out and ski jackets can be bulky for everyday which is why parkas are perfect. Some have a fur lined hood which adds a little flare.






4. Jean jacket


These come in so many different styles and colors. Denim jackets are fantastic for layering and they look great with any outfit.






5. Cashmere sweater/cardigan


The softest sweater you will ever wear. The price tag for cashmere sweaters are pretty hefty so I would recommend trying to stock up on your favorites while they’re on sale during the holiday season or in January. You can’t get through a cold winter without a cozy sweater (to layer with your other jackets).


2 thoughts on “5 Jacket Staples

  1. I have one of each of these in my wardrobe except for the trench. I have a problem with belted coats fitting me. I am a small size but tall so they are always too short in the arms, too big in the shoulders and chest and the belt is not around my waist but rib cage.

    But one day I will find one that fits me! lol

    Allie of


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