Gift Guide for Him

Guys are a lot harder to shop for than girls which is why this list is probably a lot more useful. Every guy has different interests so certain things are better for one guy than another. But a called in for backup and asked some of my guy friends what they liked or wanted for the holidays. Some of these gifts are perfect for brothers, sons, nephews, friends, boyfriends…

  1. Video Gamesshop_xbox360games915
  2. Video game controllers 20150318185517-xbox-360-microsoft-video-games
  3. Beanies / Sweatshirts (guys like Hollister)
  4. Sports jerseys or merch (real jerseys are expensive but a hat or t-shirt is less depending on how much you are willing to pay)0_web_070313_broadsearch_jerseys
  5. Headphonesrh1060-wireless-stereo-headphones
  6. Watcheswatches_top
  7. Gift cards, once again a go to for anybody. Amazon was definitely a winner with every guy I asked because they get everything there, especially their video games.



One thought on “Gift Guide for Him

  1. Hi Hannah! I am as well as Girl Gaze Ambassador! I’m so happy and excited to do this movement together… you definitely have the right idea to post about it on your blog, I will be doing the same đŸ˜‰ much love xoxo

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