Gift Guide for Her

It’s holiday season which basically means what do I get!? This list is perfect for a daughter, friend, girlfriend, sister, niece…

  1. Polaroid camerabbdb4b2997c071931a660a30a62d319d
  2. 2. Makeup (to be safe: eyeshadow, lipstick, NOT foundation/concealor)2015-06-30_501makeup
  3. Bath products: WE LOVE BATH BOMBS variety
  4. Fuzzy sockstumblr_nfg4cerww71t0nvgeo1_500
  5. Jewelry / accessories (we can never have enough sunglasses or bracelets)img-thingteen_jewelry_gift_teenager_silk_bracelet_reminder_to_have_courage__c854b77b_960679
  6. Stationary (for some strange reason, notepads and pretty pens attract us the same way light attracts bugs)stationary-inspiration-15
  7. Attachable lens to your phone111e4912c1211d04d0c657f04851f016.jpg
  8. Cute phone casesc905c1ab02b956cc54a614241c968843
  9. Purses (we need a purse for every occasion and purses of all different sizes and shapes) 88673827768f02eeb6b9a6c8eb0a98e2
  10. Gift cards, honestly you can NEVER go wrong with this but here are the stores to get gift cards for: Amazon, iTunes, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Bath and Body Works, Lush, American Eagle, Pacsun, J. Crew, Madewell, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Banana Republic, DSW, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Uniqlo…



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