Halloween Ideas


The moment you flip your calendar page to October it means it’s time to pick out your Halloween costume.

Whether your planning on dressing up solo or getting together with your friends for a group costume, Halloween costumes are always exciting!

Here are some clever yet recognizable costumes that you can make with clothes at home or DIY:

FLAPPER GIRL (everyone already has an LBD)


ANY DISNEY PRINCESS (or your squad can also dress up as one for a Disney reunion)




MARIO KART (everyone loves a Mario, Luigi and Yogi!)

635805700438950865-1913516820_mario kart.jpg

THE SCOOBY DOO CREW (because a pet dog is always the perfect accessory)


these meddling kids are back to solve a Halloween mystery

JAZZERCISE! (my friend and I decided to take it back to the ’80s on the last day of school, using clothes we already had. Talk about super easy and super fun)


THE PINK LADIES FROM GREASE (a pink bomber jacket is a staple)


THE WIZARD OF OZ CREW (Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and a Scarecrow, oh and also another dog to play Toto)


SEVEN DWARFS (I think it’ll be easy enough to figure out who should dress up as who based on the personality’s of your friends haha!)


and of course, SUICIDE SQUAD (yes, everyone will be dressing up as Joker or Harley Quinn this year but why not go with the flow… especially if you’re a makeup junkie)





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