Trend Tuesday: White Sneakers

Remember when everyone was wearing white Converse and Vans and those two brands ruled the casual-not-for-sports sneaker industry? Well those times have come to an end. Adidas has had it’s famous Stan Smith and Superstar sneakers for years and they have been staples for people forever but now everyone is wearing them or something similar. I repeat, everyone. With the new casual at the workplace and every place trend, white sneakers gives a more sophisticated look while staying comfortable. White has always been a sophisticated color (i.e. the white blouse/button-up) so even in sneaker form, it’s acceptable.

Every since Victoria Beckham countered herself by saying she will only be flats from now on, more and more people have been too. Especially since flats have become very stylish and à-la-mode.


Even designer brands are getting in on the action with similar style sneakers, some plain white and others with unique touches.


But for those who can’t wear shoes straight off the runway:

All of the celebrities and street style stars are rocking them.

Some, even on the red carpet.


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