Flared Pants + Striped Shirt

This outfit is one of my favorite for so many reasons: it’s very comfortable, stylish, currently trendy, and a bit fancier than wearing my sweatpants.

Flared anything, pants and sleeves, is having a moment. But many celebrities are sporting stripes but it wasn’t a hit during the fashion weeks, prints were making their mark.



PANTS: Bloomingdale’s







This shirt goes with anything but looks great with these black pants. I think they make me look kind of stereotypically Parisian. (I go to a french school and have been to France and this is not at all how everyone dresses.)




The pant flares at the end so it’s more of a boot cut. These pants are long so I need to wear it with a pair of heels and I always grab for my DSW ankle booties which are very comfortable and look fabulous with these pants.




If you’ve seen my previous outfit posts, you know that I love this sweater so much! It keeps me so warm and pulls this outfit together.





With flared pants, instead of wearing a loose top, a more snug one looks better which is why I like this top but adding a looser sweater makes everything flow.

Tight pants that flare a the bottom don’t flatter people if not styled properly which is why it’s good to wear heels underneath to give you a bit of hidden height and make your legs look so much longer. If your pants are high waisted, wearing an oversized or long cardigan gives the illusion that the pants are even high waisted and makes your legs look even longer and you seem even taller.



PANTS: Bloomingdale’s

SWEATER: Topshop

SHOES: Designer Shoe Warehouse


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