Cozy Outfit

This is a lazy girl but still stylish outfit. It’s something you can totally wear to school and stay super duper comfortable.


I love my flare pants so much and because they are patterned I like to pair it with a basic top so I opted for a white tank top for Uniqlo.




I love these shoes sooo much! They are very fall, the brown as well as the fact that they are boots and fall is boot season. With these pants that are a bit too long, the heel makes sure they don’t drag on the ground.


To add on the comfiness, I put on this gray cashmere sweater (that might be my mom’s) that is so soft and adds to my monochromatic ensemble. Since it’s getting colder out, this sweater keeps me warm.

Shirt: Uniqlo

Pants: Tennis (a Colombian brand, if you didn’t know)

Shoes: Designer Shoe Warehouse

Sweater: Cashmêre Sutton Studio


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